Before Adsense Approval, you must first know what AdSense is, then let us tell you that this is a Google advertisement program. Due to which advertisment would be seen on your blog, website, YouTube and other plateform. If anyone clicks on these ads, then the website owner gets the benefit of this, that is, they will get money.

If you also have a blog, website or YouTube channel then after taking Adsense Approval, you can earn money by showing ads on it. But for this, you have to first create an AdSense account and get it approved. Only then you can earn money by placing ads on your blog or website. For this, you have to follow some methods and you can easily get your AdSense account approved within a day. Let's see this as follows: -

Blogger Account / Website Blogger is a Google product where you can share your Idea / Thoughts. For this, you must have a Blogger Account or a website on which you have to advertise Google. To create Blogger Account, you have to go to Blogger Page and sign in with your Google account, and follow the given step. In this way, your account will be created.

1. Blog / Website me Post Content
Now you have to write an article to post in your blog by clicking on New post. While writing an article for your blog, you have to take care that your content is unique. It would be good if you do not copy these contents anywhere. Your article should have less than 400 words. If you copy from somewhere, it would be good to modify it in language. Before applying for AdSense Approval, ensure that your blog / website has more than 15 posts.

2. Domain Ya Blogger Account When you create an account in Blogger for the first time, you get a sub-domain from Blogger such as and it is a Blogger Hosted Account. If you have to take the approval of Adsense on this, then you will have to wait for 6 months. If you do not want to wait, then you have to buy Top Leval Domain, like This is called Non-Hosted Account. By linking this domain with Blogger, you can easily aply forAdsense approval .

3. Blog / Website ke liye Theme / Template

You will get Free Themes from Blogger, which you can set on your blog. If you do not like these templates, then you will get lots of options to download free themes by searching in Google. You can download your favorite themes on your website by visiting those websites, which give a good appearance to your blog. You have to keep in mind that the theme you are installing should be responsive and mobile friendly. But I would suggest you to buy a Premium Theme and put it on your blog, because there are some encrypted code of the company in Free Themes. Because of these codes, you cannot remove their Footer Credit.

4. Blog / Website ko Custmize kare
After installing the theme, you have to customize 
your blog / website well. So that the reader does not
 have any problem, it means that the menu navigation
 of the blog / website should be according to your post.
 If the reader selects a menu, it should only contain posts
 related to that menu. To do this, when you write an article,
 do it Label / Tagging accordingly, so that you can easily
 customize the theme.

5. Blog / Website ka Sitemap submit kare
Once all the above processes are done, you
 will have to submit the Sitemap of your
 blog / website to Google Webmaster Tool, 
so that google will know that there is a 
Blog / Website with this name and there is
 some information in it. In this way your
 blog / website and its article will appear
 in Google Search Result, as you see 
other's website.

6. Adsense Account bana le
Now finally you have to create an Adsense 
Account, which you will need to approve. 
Only then you can show Google's 
advertisement on your blog / website.
 Once the account is created, you will
 have to go to the Dashboard of Adsense 
Account. Then by clicking on Other Product
 in My Ads, he will have to submit the 
application by putting the URL of his blog
 / website on it. After submitting the 
application, Google will review your 
website / blog thoroughly. If everything
 is as per Adsense's Privacy Policy and 
Terms Conditions, then you will get
 Approval. After that, you can create
 ads on your blog / website, whatever
 type you want.

Hopefully this post will help you a lot
 and you will be able to easily take 
Approval of Adsense for your blog/website.

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Before Adsense Approval, you must first know what AdSense is, then let us tell you that this is a Google advertisement program. Due to wh...